Baby coupons for mothers and expectant mothers

30+ Baby Freebies for New and Expecting Parents

However, even with a shipping charge, your freebie can save you more than if you were to buy a similar product in the store. If you are still looking for ways to save the most money possible on your new bundle of joy, check out these nine ways expecting families can reduce their costs. Ashley Eneriz is an expert finance writer at Mama Hustle Repeat and mom of three girls.


She has over ten years of experience as a freelance writer and seven as a work at home mom, she works to help other moms find their passion and earn more from home so they can create the life they want. She has been published on Forbes, Business Insider, Time, and the author of six children's books. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Upon completing the class, the department will then reward you with a free car seat or in some cases, a heavily discounted one. This WILL vary from city to city, so be sure to check with your local health department for more information. In the case you do not have a Safe Kids coalition nearby, talk with your local police or fire department as they will be able to direct you to a local resource.

Many times, the hospital can provide a car seat, but you will have to prove your income in most circumstances. Always purchase new or acquire one from a reputable group via one of the methods mentioned above. Since , the Cribs for Kids organization can help connect you with a provider who is able to provide your family with a free portable crib as long as you meet the minimum income requirements.

Their goal is to help fulfill their mission by providing families with a safe sleep education and a safe sleeping environment for your infant. To learn more about the program, visit the official website at CribsforKids.

Once you sign your child up for the program, you will continue to receive a book once a month in your mailbox until your child is five years old. I have found that as long as you have a tablet, your child will like it just as much as a physical book as many of these books have colorful illustrations.

And while you can use a kindle, most models will not produce any colors and may not be as entertaining. Your results will vary, however! Be sure to check out this Kindle freebie list often since authors continue to add baby books for free quite often. Again, they seem to work best on a tablet, but the list is always changing, so be sure to bookmark this website and keep coming back for more updates!

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Working just like your local library, the Little Free Library works in the same way, wherein you can visit a location, grab a book, swap a book or even donate a book. Grab a book, donate a book or do both. If you want a free book for your little one, this is a great cause you can continue to support as your little one continues to grow. Another electronic database, the Project Gutenberg offers tens of thousands of free eBooks. Again, if you do not mind reading your little one a digital copy, there are a TON of book options here that you can download legally.

Here, the books are created by the public, but you can view the ratings and how many times the book was viewed before you download it.

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  • How to Get Free Baby Stuff By Mail:.

This can give you an idea as to what books are a hit and which ones are not. If you like the book, then you can support the author and purchase a paperback or hardcover for home. No credit card is required. Keep in mind, however, that this offer does expire occasionally due to the demand and may not be available. This national magazine helps working mothers balance their personal and professional lives, showcasing the reader, not celebrities. Here, classes start at the infant level, as young as 1 month old to as old as a 5-year-old preschooler. To learn more about the programs and what classes are available for each age class, refer to the link above to see what the company can offer you.

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Kindermusik offers music classes for newborns to children to seven years old. This early childhood program teaches your children about music and generally holds a class once a week. It could be dirtier, smellier, who knows! Secondly, GOOD things go fast, so you may have to keep refreshing daily to find something good. A lot of people like to take these freebies and flip them to make a quick buck.

15 Ways To Get Free Baby Stuff

Like Craigslist and the others, you have to be fast as some people live on Facebook and will reply within seconds. Yes, I did include a few items that required a small shipping fee, but I really feel the items you get was well worth the small charge. If you plan on creating one, then I highly recommend you ask for the free goodie bag or make sure you get it because you deserve it! In the meantime, if you have any baby freebies you want to add to it, I would love to hear about it!

Mother’s Day Coupons

My name is Stephanie and I reside in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. I have worked in the finance industry since and love talking money. I just recently wrapped up a quick guide on the many ways you can get a Spotify Premium account for free. Yes, it can be done ethically, believe it or not.

And, while writing this, I was already thinking of my next The answer? In all of my freebie posts, I always try my best to be as honest as Please note that this is a monthly book subscription club, however you can cancel at anytime if you wish to do so I did after we got about 15 books! Target also has some awesome free stuff for expecting mothers. Talk about an easy way to get free baby stuff without participation in any surveys!

Another really helpful category of free baby stuff for expecting mothers is, of course, diapers! This is a round up of some of the best baby diaper programs I have found. Another great item to get for free for baby is a carseat canopy cover. These are perfect to protect baby from the rain and sun. And with this offer from CarseatCanopy. Seuss set above, which is my favorite. But, the Baby Einstein set might be more infant appropriate. Members can cancel their membership upon receiving the first shipment confirmation by calling the Early Moments Consultants at To get yours, head over to StoreBrandFormula.

Store brands included are Target, CVS, and more! I was super thrilled with this freebie because I also got to try out Thrive Market!