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Memmingen Airport, the budget Munich airport nobody knows about.

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The hard truth is real trachten AKA the lederhosen and dirndls that are worn at Oktoberfest are expensive. If you have the luxury of time, this is the option I would recommend. The Olympiapark flea market is one of my favourites as well, but a little hit and miss as it is a flea market… but if you get there early, there are lots of deals to be found! During Oktoberfest, there are shops around every corner especially in the Munich Hauptbahnhof area that sell cheap, mass-produced dirndls and lederhosen for okay-ish prices euros per dirndl.

At first glance, these are passable and will allow you to blend in, but the material is really cheap and not at all like what locals would wear. My tip is to shop around! Fellas, another option for you is simply buying a checkered shirt and wearing that. Click here for more info. A huge Trachten shop on Neuhauser Str.

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Watch this Topic. Read More. Map of the Oktoberfest All Oktoberfest locations in the interactive map. Check the Price. Here is the complete guide of where to stay for Oktoberfest. If you have your heart set on a particular location, put your name on a waiting list and check in occasionally to see if anything has opened up. There are a couple of major breweries that have special ceremonies, but those will occur in late Feb.

Will you feel left out? Honestly… yes. BUT will you also be able to afford more beers? Yes to that as well. PS: Not dressing up at all is in my eyes better than buying costumey versions of real trachten, like costume dirndls off Amazon or lederhosen-looking swim shorts. Getting there is very simple, but you can find more details about the precise location and the different ways to get there in this post.

Yes there are! In terms of tickets, you should know that the amount of savings you get from buying group tickets for public transportation in Munich is truly ridiculous.

Munich Oktoberfest 2020

Looking for cheap hotels in Munich for Oktoberfest ? Get best deals for accommodation close to Theresienwiese close to world's largest Beer Festival. You can even unlock a special deal for free unlimited beer and sangria on me by clicking here. Cheap Hotels for Munich Oktoberfest

To illustrate how much you can save, know that a one-way ticket in Munich for an adult is normally 2. That then grants you unlimited rides for 3 days in the Inner District where all the touristy stuff is, anyway.

Before you go to Oktoberfest – The Planning Stage

So much cheaper than buying single tickets! If for whatever reason, you DO need to get to Oktoberfest using a taxi or Uber, know that Uber is always cheaper for some reason. This is definitely not the case! While they do have upsides compared to taxis they can weave through traffic much easier and the experience is actually super fun , these can cost up to 60 euros per ride during peak hours.

So, before you drunkenly hop onto one of these bike taxis, make sure you ask for the price first. There is SO much amazing food to be devoured at Oktoberfest click here for my full list of must-eats.

50 Oktoberfest Tips for the First-Timers | That’s What She Had

That said, eating everything in sight at Oktoberfest is a quick and easy way to drain your budget. So, here are some of my best tips for eating and indulging at Oktoberfest….. Line your stomach before you arrive! My main rule of thumb for eating at Oktoberfest on a budget is that you should get food to-go at the stalls outside of the tents. Sit-down meals inside the tents can add up quickly and eat away at your budget. The good news is many of the tents will have lunch specials where you can sample traditional Bavarian delicacies for a fraction of the cost.

All this plus soup and coffee at Oktoberfest for 24 euros…. I personally think it would be such a shame if you came to Oktoberfest and subsisted on nothing but pretzels you smuggled under your skirt, you know what I mean? Now we get to one of the biggest and most important expenses of Oktoberfest: beer! Is it possible to save money on drinking at Oktoberfest?

How to Get Around:

Well, anything is possible, my friend. Here are my tips on cultivating a nice buzz at Oktoberfest without cultivating severe debt. I explain the different drinks that you can order at Oktoberfest in this post here , but you should know that some drinks will simply get you a better bang for your buck in terms of inebriation.

If you get Radlers for instance, those are half mixed with soda, which means you get only half the buzz for the same price. Instead, go for Helles and you get it all!

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As you can see, the little food-focused tents often have cheaper beer, and the Augustiner-Festhalle and Ochsenbraterei have the cheapest beer among the large tents. The Augustiner Festhalle, home to some of the cheapest beer at Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a massive festival with plenty of great activities on offer click here for my full list. To make the most of Oktoberfest activities on a budget, here are my best tips:. Well, imagine a spinning disk in the center of the tent where participants are called up and given the simple task of trying to hold on as long as possible, while the disk spins faster and faster.

The organizers of Oktoberfest know this…….

What Happens At OKTOBERFEST!?

After a few beers, a dancing, musical hat shaped like a cooked chicken will sound like a good idea. Yes, a good idea even worth 30 euros. I am here to be the voice of reason and tell you this is not the case, so remember, if you can try to plant some thoughts into your brain right now Inception-style for future drunk you, remember that these drunk purchases are an excellent way to blow through your budget quickly.

I hope after this guide, you feel better equipped to tackle Oktoberfest on a budget. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them below. Have an amazing time! Join over 80, followers who love what I have to say! Use this code at checkout:. Remember Me. Lost your password? Hurry, though: Fares like these tend to get snatched up quickly and likely won't be around for long.

Your best bet would be to book as soon as you find dates at the right price, before someone else gets those fares for that day.


Purchases can typically be cancelled within 24 hours, so you can always grab tickets now and then figure it out — just make sure to read the terms before you buy. Be sure to search your city, but if you can't find anything, or if you live elsewhere, consider looking for a cheap positioning flight to one of these cities in order to take advantage of the sale.

The flights are operated by any of a few major airlines, including Delta, United, Lufthansa, and Air Canada. There are even cheaper flights available on low-cost carrier WOWair, although you'll be charged large baggage fees and face a long layover. Some routes require a stop in an airline's hub city. This is an especially great deal for Octoberfest September 22—October 7 in Germany. Flight availability varies by origin city, but is generally from March—May and August—October, To get the best prices, click the links below to visit the online travel-booking site Momondo. Then, enter your nearest major airport and adjust the dates as needed to find the right prices, and click the link to book through the portal showing the best price.

Just keep playing with dates until you find something you want to book. Keep in mind that I was only able to pull up these prices by searching Momondo, which is my go-to site for flight discounts — you can read more about it here. I wasn't necessarily able to find the same prices directly with the airlines or through other tools like Google Flights. If you want to see more from Insider Picks, we're collecting emails for an upcoming newsletter. You'll be the first to hear about the stuff we cover.

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