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Have a look at the deals in our comparison table, and pick the one you like best. You can adjust the filters at the side to only show the SIMs that fit what you need, and can even compare Vodafone plans with those from other networks too. When you spot one you like, simply select it, and we'll take you straight to Vodafone's website so you can order it.

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Data allowance - How much do you use 4G mobile internet? If you only use your phone to scroll through Facebook, browse the web a bit, and use WhatsApp, you'll be fine with a small allowance. On the other hand, hungrier users who stream on the go, use their phone for work, or download large files may want 10GB or so per month. Most of us, however, will find a data allowance between GB suits us perfectly. Calls and texts allowance - Think about how much you make calls on your mobile, and how many SMS texts not WhatsApp or Facebook messages you send in a month.

Very high allowances are available from Vodafone for quite low prices, so getting enough for your use should be easy. Contract length - With SIM plans, you usually have a choice between day or month contracts. Longer contracts generally have lower monthly costs, while a day one can be changed at any time. It's worth going for a month deal if you're happy to commit for a full year - though if you want a bit of flexibility, so you can change your monthly allowance or switch networks entirely whenever you like, go for a one-month SIM instead.

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Find cheap SIM only deals from Vodafone, including minutes, data and texts to use Whatever handset you've got, from iPhone 3, 4, 5 and 6 to Android and. Get the best 4G SIM only deal for you from our range of current offers: from unlimited minutes on Pay monthly contracts to flexible Pay as you go deals.

Price - On a budget? Set a maximum monthly price using the filter at the side, or sort all the deals by cost to see the lowest-priced ones first. See the section below if you need a bit of help finding the cheapest possible deal. Most networks these days offer 'combi-SIMs' that can fit any device, so go for one of those if you're not sure. Yes, in most cases it's cheaper to go SIM-only than to take out a handset contract - partly because it means you won't be paying any interest or extra costs on the phone itself.

Buying a phone outright and getting a SIM-only deal to put in it almost always works out cheaper in the long run. As an extra price-saving bonus, SIM-only contracts usually last a much shorter length of time than ones with a phone… meaning you can switch to a new, even cheaper SIM as soon as you find one. Yep, you can keep your phone number when you switch mobile networks , regardless of which network you're switching to or from. It's surprisingly hassle-free to sort out, too. All you need to do is sign up to a new deal, then contact your current network and ask for a PAC - a porting authorisation code.

Give it to Vodafone once you have your SIM, and the number should port across within a matter of days.

Best 30 day SIM-only deals

Back to Shop. We'll send you details on how to choose your entertainment pack once you've received your order. PPI Reclaiming. Representative Go to basket. Some deals can also offer part manual, part automatic cashback. Here's how to switch providers and keep your number :.

If you bought your phone outright from a retailer, it should already be unlocked and you have nothing to worry about. However, if you're using an old phone that you got on a contract, it may be locked to your former network. In that case, you'll need to get it unlocked - but don't worry, as this is easy enough to do.

Steps to Activate a Vodafone SIM Card

All you have to do is contact the network it's locked to, and they'll sort it out - sometimes free of charge. They may give you a code to enter, or might be able to it remotely.

Is my phone unlocked - can I use a new SIM in it?

Your phone will be unlocked and ready for a new SIM in a few days' time. Vodafone also offers an early upgrade scheme.

Best Sim Deals For Iphone 5

Dubbed Flexi-upgrades, these plans offer you the chance to upgrade their phone after 6 months of their contract. As with other similar schemes, this is possible because Flexi-upgrade is a split contract.

This means the handset and monthly allowances are separate contracts and when you want to upgrade you can simply pay off the remainder of what you owe on the handset part of the contract and you're good to go. Alternatively if you prefer, Flexi-upgrades also let you trade-in your existing handset to help offset some of the cost of upgrading. Vodafone offers Wi-Fi calling to its customers.

So you can use a free Wi-Fi signal to make and receive calls, making it the perfect solution if you don't have a phone signal. Vodafone allows all its customers to tether. That means you can use your data to fuel your laptop or tablet if you're working without Wi-Fi. Compare Vodafone phone deals Compare our most popular mobile deals.

Save with a SIM only deal. Top Vodafone deals. Bestselling Handset Deal. Need help switching network? Switch now. Why choose Vodafone? Manage your bills with My Vodafone app Pay monthly Vodafone customers can track their spending, as well as view and pay their bills from their smartphone. VeryMe rewards app Vodafone's VeryMe rewards app gives you access to loads of great offers, discounts, competitions and freebies. VeryMe rewards Vodafone is renowned for the competitive coverage it provides and conducts ongoing work to expand its coverage area and improve the capacity of its networks every month.

Roaming Aside from Vodafone Basics customers, Vodafone's roaming scheme is divided into three plans: Roam-free You can use your monthly allowance of calls, texts and data from 48 European countries at no extra cost. Vodafone Vodafone customers can call customer support by dialling from their handset. Tariffs Vodafone plans stand out for simplicity and competitively priced monthly allowances.

About the SIM Pay Monthly

There are three plans to choose from. These are: Essentials. These feature up to MB of data and minutes per month, as well as unlimited texts.

We've rounded up the best SIM only deals available today, so get the perfect plan for you now

Red Extra. Provide up to 40GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts.

Red Entertainment. These offer a maximum of 60GB of data.