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I'm wearing them. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near XS In the modern world, you are what you wear, or at least it feels that way sometimes. The clothes we choose to put on in the morning help to define who we are. They boost our confidence, reflect our personalities, and are — when you get down to it — just great fun to experiment with.

There are ways to save money, and hotukdeals has the lowdown. From the middle ages onwards, cities across the UK specialised in weaving and draperies. First wool and silk, then cotton became the driving force behind economic development as workshops turned into factories and British textiles dominated the world. In the process, the way we buy clothes evolved as well. From Britain where the choice was limited to stiff shirts, the odd jacket and woollen trousers, by the 19th century, people could choose from a diverse selection of colours, materials and styles.

Designers like Beau Brummell created classic looks that were adopted by royalty, then the wealthy middle classes. As demand grew for fine fashion, so shops developed to cater for that market. Modern legends like Burberry and Pringle emerged in the 19th century, as well as department stores like Liberty and Harrods.

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Fashions changed during the 20th century, often at a dizzying rate, but retail stayed the same. Until, the s, that is, when globalization and the internet came along, sparking a boom in low-cost, clothing retail. Stores like Primark burst onto the scene, as well as international brands like Gap, French Connection or Uniqlo. Now, you can order designer suits by Armani, dresses by Givenchy, Gap jeans and Burberry coats from a wide range of online stores, and in a variety of different ways.

The modern fashion scene offers plenty of different places to pick up particular garments. Take a ladies blouse, for example.

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The same kind of blouse could be ordered online, bought at markets, department stores or boutiques or even vintage shops. These companies source their clothing from less well-known designers, and often in-house teams. Their production facilities tend to be in low-cost economies though assured by quality control and ethics teams , resulting in affordable prices. However, as millions of customers will attest, shops like Primark deliver quality that is more than adequate, at incredibly attractive prices. At companies like Next , River Island , Gap or French Connection , you pay slightly more for the brand and the quality that comes with it.

But the result is the same: retailers that you can count on to deliver attractive, durable everyday outfits. Upscale boutiques — Boutiques are very different beasts. Generally smaller than ordinary clothing retailers, they prioritise personal service.

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Luxury Fashion — At the end of the range there are the numerous luxury fashion labels making high fashion usually at high prices. But even on brands like Hugo Boss , Ralph Lauren , Calvin Klein , Tommy Hilfiger or Armani there is some saving potential if you can live with not wearing the it-piece from the latest collection or buying your new designer piece in an online shop. Online clothing retailers — These days, bricks and mortar clothing shops are under fire from online retail, and they have been for some time.

Online stores like Boohoo , Asos , Zalando , Forever 21 and even Amazon have claimed large chunks of the fashion market, generally in the younger female segment, with their slick marketing and low prices. After that, members receive regular e-mail and smartphone updates, which tell them when to log on for quickfire sales of the latest designs.

Some of the best places to shop for vintage clothes include Beyond Retro and Rokit, along with charity shops Oxfam and Shelter probably have the best fashion selections. Try not to fall into that trap, and bear these suggestions in mind whenever you shop:.

Material content — When you pick up a garment in-store, check the label to find out the fabric content. There are some exceptions, such as lycra for stretchy jeans and exercise gear, but as a rule, avoid clothes with combinations of materials. Feel — Along with the fabric content, check how your garment feels to touch. You can sense inferior qualities of wool or cotton from their rough, thin feel.

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Bring a touch of style to your country weekend getaway with classic knitwear, jackets, dresses and boots from Hunter, Crew Clothing and Musto. SHOP IT The Manhattan and Brooklyn locations house hidden gems prime hungover-shopping grounds , so you'd expect the same from the online shop, wouldn't you? Achica is now part of BrandAlley. Short Regular Long. Designed with the modern man in mind, our luxury collection of men's jewellery is easy to wear and simple to style.

Zips — many garments involve zippers, and the way these are integrated is a good sign of quality. On well-made clothes, there should always be a placket placed over the zip to conceal it and protect the fabric. Ideally, they should be made from sturdy cotton or other strong fabrics, and properly stitched into the garment.

Measurements — Before you start shopping for clothes, you need to know your measurements. Without them, how can you know that the clothes you pick online or in-store will actually fit without trying them on, of course? Take your chest, waist, inner leg and hip measurements, so that there are no ambiguities. Unless they pass the feel test and fit like a glove, double check unfamiliar labels online or with an expert to make sure they are what they claim to be.

Cut — By the cut of an outfit, we mean the way the various pieces of fabric that make it up have been cut and assembled. For example, trousers come in slim and baggy cuts, as do suits. Some suit jackets have figure-hugging cuts, while others have a less defined boxy cut around the waist. They will suit different body shapes, so think about which one makes the best sense. Inside Labels — All clothing comes with informative labels on the inside, and this information can be really important in your purchasing decision.

It should tell you where the garment was made important for ethical reasons, or if you are looking for authentic Italian or British designs , and it should also tell you about how to wash the garment. If it needs fiddly hand washing, that could be a sign of quality, or an indication that you should go for a less high-maintenance material. Wherever you shop, it pays to bear these things in mind.

First off, make sure you are purchasing the right size of item. Now, think about what your child would actually want to wear.

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Think about their favourite colours, their personalities and the quirks. Or, better yet, have them right there to tell you what they want. When your children reach a certain age usually above two , it might make sense to buy clothes that are slightly too big for them. Not drastically large, just a size or two. Remember that kids tend to attract stains and dirt as well. They will be playing in the sand, the mud and the grass, so buy clothes that you know can be washed easily.

Check out these sales, as they can deliver massive savings on essentials like sweaters, socks and dresses. But what about adults?

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How can we clothe ourselves in gorgeous outfits without destroying our bank balance? Separate basics from special items — If you are building a designer wardrobe on the cheap, it makes sense to establish which items are worth spending money on, and which ones are dispensable. Vests, t-shirts, socks , pants, bras, even jeans can often be snapped up for very little, leaving you a little extra cash to buy a beautiful jacket , shirt or range of accessories.

As a rule, shop for winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter, and keep an eye out for summer holiday flash sales, January Sales promotions and general money off deals. Think about longevity — Fashion trends come and go, but ideally you should buy items that you can wear for years. Naturally, your own tastes will evolve, but good clothes are well, good clothes.

Buy items that are fashionable, but also the type of garment that can be worn in a range of styles. And buy clothes that you genuinely love, not for their trendiness, but for their quality. We may receive reports based on the use of these technologies by these companies on an individual as well as aggregated basis. For more information about how we use cookies, please see our Cookies Policy.

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