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I bought one of these last time they popped up on here a few weeks ago.

Couldn't get into the lock last week, had to buy something different. Felt very sturdy, I'm lucky the lock stopped working while it was off my bike. Looking at the reviews on Amazon I'm not the only person to have encountered this. Great lock!

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Love mine, well worth the money. As everyone else has said - it's heavier than most locks, but it does the job well. That another twelve collected.

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What with the six degreaser sprays from their ebay shop and the two oil pans and the 20l of wheel cleaner and the two torches I should get share preferences. Just ordered another dozen assorted bits. Mad not to at these prices.

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Make nice little gift bundles for biking friends. Collected my 12 items today. Thanks to OP. The motorbike protector is their version of acf50 I think so real bargain. Yes, very good. Both my parents have travelled extensively and Delsey and Samsonite cases have been the highest quality by far. Yes it looks like the deal has ended so I will expire the deal.

Anyway thanks all for the likes have a good evening all y y. If you really believe it works then it will it's called the placebo effect. For something that actually works then you should be looking at Forte diesel treatment. This is always rated higher than Redex, particularly on HUKD but having said that no one has provided scientific proof so I ask the same question as you tbh.

It's AGM batteries for you then! Depends how much you stop and start.

For most it wouldn't make a difference. If you're in London then yes it would make some difference.

But batteries are good, they usually don't die a quick death, you'll know it's on the way out and have time to change it. In theory correct ah and CCA should work fine but starter batteries can provide higher number of starts and auxiliary batteries are only designed to power other things. Cars with start stop technology are fitted with battery monitoring system which monitors health of battery and only charges it when it needs charging. When you change battery you have to register it using advanced diagnostic computer.

Otherwise system would think it's old battery and will kill its life by overcharging. It will still work but battery life would be significantly reduced. AGM batteries can be damaged very easily by over charging. Never use standard charger on AGM battery. They even sit in separate compartment away from engine as they don't like heat. Regarding starter batteries, Anything with the correct rated CCA and over, will generally be fine. As for the bettery tech, stick with what the manufacturer recommends.

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Or go to euro car parts, enter your reg number and it should provide recommendations. You can extrapolate your battery type and requirements from that. You can then buy from wherever you deem fit. Just picked my order of 2 from one of those In Post stations first time. Good Lord, isn't life getting so impersonal? Just scanned my QR code and one of the metal drawers sprung open. Not a word was exchanged shock PS Amazing bargain! I ordered a pair - email off DHL to ask if not going to be in can we leave with a neighbour and replied yes.

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Looks similar to the Kenovo DuraTrax that I've got in my garage, I've got a set along one wall holding whichever set of wheels aren't on the car and my garden tools, the back wall has my bike hanging from it and the set along the other wall holds a pair of ladders that I use above some shelving that I've also got. It really does maximise the space available in the garage. Just a shame you can't really get it in the UK anymore. Get a U-lock instead and a decent chain lock.

Check the lock picking lawyer youtuber. He demonstrates a few decent locks. But no lock is fool proof just delay thieves and dissuades most others from picking it up and riding away with your bike.

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Oh and I'd check this disc lock will fit your bikes discs first. Had an abus one that didn't fit mine. All chains dissolve when an angle grinder is involved. But, yeah, a 12mm chain will be cut with a bolt cutter. I'd still say this is a good deal though as an angle grinder will still be needed to take the lock off.

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I would not bother with a chain like this, so easy to cut, watch the videos. If you want to keep your bike safe you need to get something like a Almax chain, I know they are alot more but your bike is worth more than the chain! Really good service.

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Nothing is a problem. Always helpful. The short journeys do kill it, no question. Takes about five minutes running to recharge the capacity used to start the car, basically. Obviously the electrical power generated by the alternator and available to charge the battery is more or less independent of rpm or engine activity level, minus anything you use for lights, heaters, etc. The regulator on the alternator sees to that. They are awesome if you have a second car in the garage. It all depends on your driving style and how much power is required for the performance that you require.

I do put my foot down a lot so end up draining the battery quicker, especially in the summer. Driving in sports mode for short journeys also doesn't help. Yes as they are basically of traditional steel construction although more compact , but has a plastic cover to make it look like a flat blade. Deal temperatures are the heart of hotukdeals If you think a deal is hot, vote it up by clicking the red plus.

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