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In basketball, should you ever foul at the buzzer? Students use probabilities to determine when the defense should foul Coupon Clipping. Are coupons always a good deal? Plan Teach Reflect. Students will Use percents to calculate sale prices after a discount Given a new price and a percent discount, use proportional reasoning to determine the original price. Before you begin Students should be able to solve basic problems involving percents, including percent increase and decrease.

Shoutouts Broderick the Coupon Kid, J. Related Lessons. AppleCare a Day Should you ever buy an extended warranty?

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Scalped Why do concert tickets cost so much? On Your Mark Do taller sprinters have an unfair advantage? Need for Speed How much does it cost to drive at different speeds?

Licensed to Ill Who should buy health insurance? Letterboxing How do aspect ratios affect what you see on TV?

Go Big, Papa? Text Me Later How dangerous is texting and driving? It's a Trap! Spinning Your Wheels Why do tires appear to spin backwards in some car commercials? Big Foot Conspiracy Should people with small feet pay less for shoes? Topic: Expressions and Equations EE.

Cultural Differences in Shopping

To Have and to Hold Is it a good idea to rent a storage unit? Then, talk about price. You can also discuss brand names.

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What is a cheap, expensive, or reasonable price for different items? Your students may or may not be familiar with comparing brands and prices.

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A good way to explain this might be to use an open-air market with different vendors selling the same items as an example. Give them some vocabulary to use on their shopping trip. A good way to do this is to brainstorm all the words you can think of that are related to shopping and write them on the board.

Practice pronunciation and using the words in context. Remember to practice both the vocabulary they will use as well as the vocabulary the salesperson or shopkeeper will use.

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Some examples of shopping vocabulary include: Words that describe the items they want to purchase Where can I find. I'm looking for.

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Do you have. Will that be all? Thank you. Have a nice day. Cultural Differences in Shopping Depending on their country of origin, it may be customary for students to barter for a better price. Explain to the students that bartering for high ticket items such as cars, jewelry or homes is acceptable.

Lesson 7 – Coupon Fraud & Why You Shouldn’t Do It!

However, salespeople are usually not authorized to change prices at many stores. Therefore, bartering for smaller items such as groceries or clothes is not appropriate. Shopping Trip One of the best ways to teach this skill is to actually take your students on a shopping trip. The Challenge s.


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