Sensodyne coupon fine print

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It was about a month ago that the following wording began appearing in the fine print of several coupons issued by GlaxoSmithKline click on the image above for a closer look :. You are a government beneficiary if you are enrolled in any federal healthcare program, including Medicaid, Medicare Part D or otherwise , or any similar federal or state programs, including any state pharmaceutical assistance program.

For coupon eligibility purposes, all those 65 or older will be considered Medicare eligible. It took a while for the internet to notice. Images of the Sensodyne coupon went viral last week, as couponers demanded an explanation. So GSK provided one — and raised even more questions than answers:. People who are Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries can obtain certain over-the-counter drugs at a reduced price. Since these government program beneficiaries already get a significant price discount, federal law has always precluded them from getting an additional discount through a retail coupon program.

So federal law prevents all senior citizens, members of the military, veterans and the disabled from using a coupon to get a buck off their toothpaste? Mikel is an attorney with The Health Law Partners, a nationally recognized law firm focusing on health care legal issues.

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It was about a month ago that the following wording began appearing in the fine print of several coupons issued by GlaxoSmithKline (click on. Everyone is talking about the new Sensodyne Coupon Discrimination Verbiage. According to the fine print, “you are a government beneficiary if you are.

Some private health care plans do include an over-the-counter benefit for Medicare recipients, for products like cough and cold medicine, vitamins and even toothpaste. But the government makes it clear that funding for such a benefit must come from the health plan itself — because by law, federal benefit dollars are not to be used to pay for nonprescription products. Any confusion likely stems from two federal laws designed to prevent fraud and abuse in federal health care programs — the Anti-Kickback Statute and the Civil Monetary Penalties Law.

The first law forbids, among other things, the offer of anything of value in exchange for the purchase of an item reimbursable by a federal health care program.

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Coupons for prescription medicines fall under that category. A coupon might induce a Medicare recipient to buy — or a pharmacy to provide — a higher-cost brand-name drug, and simply bill it to Medicare. Then the federal program is on the hook for the higher-cost item instead of a lower-cost alternative, just because the brand offered a coupon. So by law, you can use a coupon to pay for a prescription drug, or a federal health care benefit — but not both.

The second law allows the government to assess substantial fines against anyone who violates this regulation. GSK has refused to elaborate on its prepared statement, in response to questions from Coupons in the News. But a slight variant of the statement posted on its Facebook page may offer a clue. If true, that would be an awfully cynical approach to creating coupon terms and conditions. In the meantime, they have a growing group of angry consumers to contend with.

Sounds like someone at GSK is going to need some Tums themselves. So the cycle of stupidity will continue and Grannies every where will have to fight to use a qpon.

We went in to our Walmart store today and they would not accept a price match and then apply a coupon. We ended up just going to NoFrills instead who gladly took our coupons and price matched. Love it!! Nick — Walmart allows you to use coupons AND price match, despite what the cashier tells you. Cassie, I just called Wal-Mart about the situation and their head office also told me that they do either a price match or a coupon but not both. No biggie for us, we live across from a NoFrills and they gladly accepted our price match and coupons. Nick — Well, hmmm. I did both price matching and used coupons on an item and I had no problem at all…..

Thanks for the great. I also have a question regarding coupons at Walmart. Would I be able to go to Walmart and ask them to apply the coupon on my purchase from last week? Thanks so much for your help! Cassie — just need to clarify one thing: Can I buy 5 of the same toothbrushes and use 5 coupons one per item in the same transaction?

Sensodyne coupon fine print

Or can I ring them all through at once? I just went to Wal-Mart Pickering and cashier would not accept my Save. So I handed her the coupons and then she referred to a sheet of paper which she read for awhile and then said no internet coupons are accepted.

So did the policy change again? As far as I am concerned Save. I will wait for additional comments to determine if i need to phone the manager. In the meantime, I am taking my business elsewhere, just ridiculous. Update: The manager at the store clarified by phone that the cashier did infact make a mistake.

He indicated that there has been alot of coupon fraud lately, and they made a mistake with mine. I can understand their position. He said I can come back to the store and they will compensate me for my trouble. Unless the coupon states otherwise, you can only use 1 coupon per 1 item.

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Thank you for posting this. I was at WalMart today and they accused me of stacking and doubling coupons when I clearly did not. So I bought one and got one free. I can use that toward the bottle I was paying for. I know what stacking and doubling is. I wish cashiers would understand the difference between stacking and non-stacking!

Thank you so much for posting this. All they say is the expiration date, the amount that is taken off, the barcode and the information for the costomer and the cashier. I was wondering if I can still use my coupons at walmart even though it doesnt say manufacturers coupon anywhere on it. Sohpie — Unfortunetely if they do not say that on them, they do not accept them.

And yes, you can use coupons on price matched items. Sometimes cashiers not knowing the coupon policy works in your favour. So there are times when I keep my mouth shut and let them accept the coupons.

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Hello — I am totally new to this whole coupon scene, and get confused with some of the fine print on coupons. If so then how do you purchase many items using multiple coupons? Say I have a coupon that is buy 2 bounty sheets get 3. I am fustrated cause I bought two and one coupon that had dollar off and the other siad bogo. They only accepted one or the other. This was at walmart! Thanks so much for your website!!

It has helped me so much with learning how best to price match and use coupons! I had a couple of questions though since you seem to be so well versed in Walmart policy …. I wanted to buy 6 boxes of gummies and use 6 coupons but they said no they would only accept 1 coupon. Needless to say I only bought 1 box and made them take the other 5 back. But I still think that this does not seem right. What is your take? Why would WM allow you to get overage, and accept printables, and accept competitor coupons..

I just had the same problem. The cashier and store manager wouldnt let me use all my coupons in one transaction even though the said one per purchase not one per tranaction. Very frustrating. Itried to explain that it was all seperate purchases within one transaction but they just wouldnt listen.

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Hi I had a rexall coupon from their coupon book and walmart told me ehy do not take them because it does not show their price on the coupon is this right? So it shows the savings and then shows the regular price. They would then reing the competitor coupon in as a price match. I was at Wal-Mart and tried to use 4 coupons for 4 items I was buying 4 boxes of Oreo Sippers and had 4 coupons and was told I could only use 1 of my coupons. Christine — Yes, your store was incorrect. They should have allowed the usage of all 4 coupons. The one coupon has buy 2 Tostitos and receive a free dip.

On the front there is no price mentioned. Thanks for the help.