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Anyone looking to stretch every dollar to its limit. For these subreddits, the quality of comments always trumps the quality of posts. Do you think about the health consequences of your frugality?

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I found this important: I hate the idea of eating cheap unhealthy food to save money on the short-term, since you sacrifice so much of your health in the long-term. This thread gave a lot of helpful tips on tailoring resumes and looking good to employers, as well as many stories of how people are getting out of poverty.

Focused on eating cheap, delicious, and healthy.

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Tech culture. Asked for support for their free service and less than five minutes later they'd replied and got me sorted. We are conveniently located just outside the Gulch with plenty of parking!. Hubby is a carpenter with basic plumbing and electrical skills. You meal plan and eat at home. Back to top.

Anyone who wants to cook good food easily and regularly. As a college student about to live off-campus, these subreddits are important to me. Learn to become independent from outside systems. Anyone interested in becoming less reliant on the traditional spending lifestyle, and becoming self-sufficient.

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This ranges from living in your own van to growing your own food. I gave up my 6-figure desk job to live in a cabin with no electricity and no running water. I love my life. AMA : This guy took the common fantasy of just leaving it all and actually lives it out.

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Stardew Valley, in real life. Everything about obtaining things on the cheap. Been making money off of all the Atlases I found at a office supply dumpster! Subreddits give you access to a wealth of crowd-sourced resources that help give you a jumpstart in whatever topics interest you. Whenever I pick up a new project, there always tends to be a subreddit post that I can jump to to get new ideas.

But because people on the internet are hilarious, they tend to get inventive with the things they need.

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2 days ago r/frugalmalefashion: The place for coupons, discounts, sales, and deals when it comes to male Questions and Frugal Alternative to ______?. Been using my great grandfather's razor for a while now. Decided to clean and polish it this morning. Most frugal way to shave. Blades are dirt cheap! Before/.

Here are 11 people who took their frugality so far, it's beginning to look a little cheap. I'm all about rolling the tube on top of itself when the toothpaste is on its last legs, but this rig kind of makes what I do look like child's play. The result?

People Reveal Ways To SAVE MONEY And GET RICH (r/AskReddit)

If you've ever been on reddit, you know the platform is home to the biggest smart alecks on the internet. Take this guy, who did the math and thought he deserved to be paid one penny for every box he took. At least he got eight boxes of Chewy's out of this freebie.

What would you do with a broken hockey stick and a broken rake? If it were me, probably throw them both in the garbage. This guy decided to combine the two for a "much stronger rake," in his own words. I know this picture isn't hilarious to all, but paired with the claim that it's now "much stronger," I can't stop laughing at this post.

When Gillette released their new-and-improved razor a few years back, they were definitely not expecting this response. The company showcased their latest model, demonstrating its rotating abilities and sleek black comfortable grip.

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To drive their point home, they marketed the new razor next to a rudimentary drawing of their original product. But the public wasn't here for it. Frugal and hilarious people on Facebook unanimously demanded they bring the old model back. Air filters come in handy to— well, to filter the air.

1. This device that makes sure no toothpaste is ever wasted.

There might be dust, pollen, mold or bacteria floating around your space and these might affect your breathing, especially if you have sensitivities. Enter this person's rig, which employs a inch fan and air filters that were purchased in bulk. As someone who runs cold, I'd be terrified to set foot in this house. According to the thermostat, whoever makes the rules won't stand for the heat to be turned on unless ALL of these questions are answered in the affirmative.

As I tell my dog day in and day out, toys from the pet store are a luxury.