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They're getting more difficult to find.

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The ammo, should you run across it, should be scooped up as much as possible, cuz it's almost impossible to find due to the popularity of that cgt. The store has that ammo on order since a year ago lat February, and we haven't seen it yet. If you can find or have empty brass, the bullets and recipes are endless.

I'm not sure who's buying their guns at those ridiculous prices. Go back and get that second box. Curmudgeon on the loose. Lighten up and enjoy life because: Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep.

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It starts when you're always afraid I shoulda just risked sleeping on the couch. Problem was I didn't have my wallet with me. She was buying. DingBat likes this. I've got that model from the late 50's. You got a keeper. Mine had belonged to my dad for decades.

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He'd put a set of Williams iron sights on it and it shoots beautifully. You'll enjoy it and the 35 has enough buck to it you'll know you're behind something. It's cleansing.

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It's a great all purpose rifle except it's a bit too much for squirrels. Hoganbeg and DingBat like this. Nice, I've been looking for one. That was my first deer rifle and sold when I went in the Marines. Originally Posted by cphilip. I like all kinds of foreign guns: "Arm yourself because no one else here will save you The Guns.

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Pocket Pistol Fun with the Beretta BS Pocket pistols provide a compact, lightweight approach to concealed carry and what better model to explore than the classic Beretta Special Promotions: Arrive early at your local store for special promotions. While retailers opening on Thanksgiving has become a growing trend in recent years, a few stores are beginning to push back. Here is a real-time updated list of stores that are closed on Thanksgiving Please see the post for full explanations.

Continue Reading. This 5 hour sale starts at 5am on Black Friday morning.

Eight hundred envelopes are being distributed and one will be for a rifle.

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