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Save the coupon.

Optionally set discount which you want to be applied on these product before adding to cart. Set other fields of the coupon as per your need.

It means the label set by you will appear wherever the store credit is referenced. Save the settings. It is recommended to keep the number of characters as high to prevent duplication of auto-generated coupon code. Smart Coupons code length Set the number. Smart Coupons shortcode will do nothing if it is embedded on a page or custom post and a guest user is accessing it. Shortcode will only work for registered and logged in users.

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In order to add a coupon to a page, go to a post, and in the visual editor, select the coupon icon. In the pop-up, type the coupon code, select one from the search result. Then select Insert Shortcode. Within the shortcode, several other attributes can be added, most of them correspond with the settings you would normally find when creating a coupon. These extra attributes are handy if you do not want to create the coupon beforehand. Here, you want all your registered user to see same coupon code and it should not be valid for a guest user or visitor.

By default, limiting coupons to registered users only is not an option, but it is possible with Smart Coupons. By adding a shortcode, email restrictions will be added to the coupon automatically, and they will only be available for logged-in users.

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Smart Coupons v2. By default, it shows basic details. To see more details like who is sender and receiver, and what is the message, you can click on the coupon. As store manager, you can see all the coupons generated in an order, from order admin page. Features available in WooCommerce core can resend some emails to customers, such as the Customer Invoice.

There are various methods to translate a plugin. For example, while purchasing product A, you got a coupon with it. Smart Coupons provides a feature which allows you to pass coupon code in the URL. Whenever someone will visit this link, the coupon passed in the URL will be applied to cart. After applying the coupon to cart, if you want to redirect the customer to a page, there are 2 options to do this:. From version 3. To enable it again, you need to change a setting. To disable it, you need to change a setting. To change the number of the coupons, you need to change a setting.

Check whether use of Coupon is enabled in your store. Coupon code should not have any spaces in the name, e.

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If dates are entered in your import file, ensure they are in the proper format. You can find this format used with any WooCommerce coupon. You can find this format in the posts table of your WordPress database. Smart Coupons sends an email only after the order is marked Completed. Ensure all settings of coupons, products are in place. Check if the order complete email is sending, then only emails from Smart Coupons will send. Also, check by switching your theme. Yes, from Smart Coupons v3.

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Modify it as per your needs. No, Smart Coupons cannot be used as Points system. Get Code. Copy and paste this code at checkout.

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View or edit your browsing history. Forgot your password? Plastic Stock Guide. South Moon Under coupon code alert! See our Returns and exchanges section above for the address. Enter maximum price. Set of red coupons with sale season writing and barcodes with QR codes.

Discount automatically applied in cart. Exclusions Apply.


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