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I totally agree that wealthy people or anyone else in this world are allowed to shop at thrift stores. We can save money and put our money towards a good cause. Totally agree with you, Michelle. Perhaps the reason wealthy people stay that way is because they shop at thrift stores and buy modest vehicles.

The good news about shopping at thrift stores is that if a person is looking to start a business on just a few bucks or few hundred dollars to their life savings, they could start by purchasing small items out of thrift stores. Then turn around and senn them for a profit online on sites like eBaY, Etsy, Poshmark, and so on. Whether someone is rich or not, I think everyone should shop at thrift stores. I shop there from time to time myself. So basically the naysayers are implying that people who have money should waste it?

I buy clothing from thrift stores because I like having new to me clothes without sacrificing my retirement savings goals. I get very anxious when I spend money on wants vs needs even though I currently can afford it; shopping thrift negates that anxiety. Very true, Michelle. Look forward to a lengthy blog comment on your next post. Content marketing is my specialty. I feel like a bottom feeder when I realize that I was able to find a nice rain coat because someone else bought one, never wore it, and gave it away.

I started shopping at thrift stores when my husband and I were just starting out. We had just finished college and had 2 little ones. It was the only way I could clothe my little ones. Fast forward 28 years. We make substantially more money and are quite comfortable, yet, every week I am at Goodwill or other thrift store trying to find a bargain. I am sure all my years of shopping through stores helped us get in the financial position we are in now.

I think that is just simply ignorant of those people. You made so many great points on why everyone should shop at thrift stores. We shop at thrift stores, garage sales, eBay for used items all the time. Trying to maximize your dollar is the only way to become wealthy. And of course, keeping frugal habits like this is one more way you keep your financial situation secure for now and the future. Now, if people like you were going to food pantries to try and get free groceries, that would be wrong.

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Call for hours. A full is 12 inches with a half pound of meat. Odessa Stewart volunteer lodihouse. Check out our programs. Build A Partnership With Us. Our staff has been in the business for years, and is highly trained in the latest coloring techniques and cutting-edge styles and we are able to offer you all of this at amazingly affordable prices.

But shopping thriftily is a completely different thing! Besides, when people with money buy cheap clothing, it frees up more of their money to donate to charitable organizations…. And what kind of constraints do they get to place on that? Should I have paid full price for new items that we would have then cut up and smeared with dirt and fake blood? While we were there, we found two adorable dresses that fit her perfectly. And coupons? Good grief. I wonder what people have to say about my habit: shopping at thrift stores for both my own wardrobe, but also to resell on sites like Poshmark and eBay.

This is a large component of my side hustle and I enjoy doing it. I live in a high wealth area and that means thrift stores generally have a lot of upmarket and luxury merchandise in great condition. I can buy it at a discount and then make great profits on my resale.

I do the same thing with some sample sale merchandise. I also am supporting my local thrifts i. HousingWorks , who are putting their proceeds directly into community outreach and improvement. Win win right? Thrift stores should be used by everyone……especially to help save the environment and keep stuff out of landfills. Very good article.

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Impact Thrift Stores in Feasterville Trevose is filled with plenty of vintage clothing and accessories from various time periods. The clothing at Impact Thrift Stores. Get 2 Impact Thrift Stores coupon codes and promo codes at CouponBirds. Click to enjoy the latest deals and coupons of Impact Thrift Stores and save up to.

Anyone should be able to shop at a thrift store without judgement. As you mentioned, it is a great way to recycle.

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My money is going towards reducing landfill waste, employing people, and even fulfilling a charitable mission. I am a high income professional with income over k. For many years, I have had a side hustle of buying from thrift stores , garage sales, estate auctions, etc and reselling. I generate a fair income from it and genuinely love doing it having sold over 2k items.

I am getting pretty close to fire but will definitely keep this side hustle. Any tips for a beginner like me? I can see what you mean about genuinely enjoying it. I have been having a lot of fun with it and have been doing pretty well from a financial standpoint. I focus on vintage electronics, books, vintage hats , and things that interest me.

Lastly , get organized. I have a system of numbering items so I know where they are when time to ship. The accounting piece is boring but pretty easy w quickbooks which I recommend. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave that great reply. I will definitely heed your advice. I also love your point on organization. That meshes very well with my personality. Love this post, Michelle! You did a great job listing out all the reasons why anyone and everyone should, and should be able to, shop at thrift stores, regardless of the size of their bank account.

My wife and I actually just started reselling as a side hustle last month. So far, we have been sourcing primarily from yard sales, but plan to source from thrift stores as well.

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The extra income is certainly helpful for us as a one-income household and we simultaneously get to contribute to your points above. Thanks for the great post! Thrift stores are everywhere, and are jam packed full of goods, plenty for everyone. No one is taking anything from someone in need. MUCH better to have anyone purchase these items rather than have them end up in the landfill.

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Shop on! Everyone should be able to shop there just like everyone can use coupons, or rebates or take advantage of clearance sales. Learn more about our mission Our Impact Students who graduated from The Goodwill Excel Center adult high school. Advancing Business. Staffing Services Finding the right person for the job can be costly, in time and dollars.

Number of employers with whom we placed Central Texans seeking work in Community Collaboration. Collaboration is powerful. We lead efforts among those who serve our local and global community. More about our Community Partners. Our Impact Number of households who experienced homelessness prevention or were successfully housed through provider partnerships.

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