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This will set you back between dollars depending on the recorder. Every school has its own rules for sending in recordings—it is your job to know what they are. Whether it be markings on the recording, stating your piece before you play, time requirements or restrictions on editing you must follow the rules or the committee may very well not consider your recording. Location is key for a recording. You want a large enough room so that you can put a microphone where someone would be sitting if this were a recital.

A small rehearsal space or large living room would be fine. Preferably you want a room with high ceilings and not too many reflexive and hard surfaces. These surfaces will create an echo effect called slapback, making the recordings hard to listen to. If the room is full of hard surfaces, put a carpet on the ground or curtains on the wall to soak up some of the sound—this is especially true if you play a brass instrument.

In everyday life, we forget how much noise is around us; try and choose a room that will minimize these effects. Some of these unrecognized noises are, wind, plumbing, air-conditioning, neighbors, cars, refrigerator, and birds. You want a nice, clean room; do not record in a cluttered room. Lighting is also a key component to video recording.

Natural light is best. If you have no natural light you want to position the light so that it shines toward you from behind or to the side of the camera. You do not want to have light shining in back of you—do not record in front of a window. Below, I have made it simple: limiting each category to four or five options with prices to compare.

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The best product for you is a simple, well-designed product that gets the job done. Purchasing used equipment or renting devices such as microphones, video or audio recorders can be a great way to save money. Zoom H4 -I put this on here again because you can easily hook it up to a camera and record audio while simultaneously recording video. Audio-Technica AT Cardioid Condenser Microphone -Very sensitive microphone-it will capture the hum of speakers or air-conditioning.

Additionally you will need a mic stand, a mic cable, and a converter that can convert the sound from the microphone into something that can be plugged into a computer unless the microphone can do that already.

Present the best work you can; everything about your presentation counts. Have a professional presentation. Take the time to print up a band bio that is clearly written and free of spelling errors. Jotting a few things about your band on the back of a napkin and tossing it into a package won't cut it. If you have press clippings, make a copy of each one a separate piece of paper and bind the pages together.

Make a database of contacts. Keep a list of every label to whom you send your demo, and of every person you talk to about your demo, whether the conversation is positive or negative.

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You never know who will be able to help you sometime down the line. Pick songs with strong beginnings. When you demo goes into the CD player, if the song doesn't grab the listener out of the gate, then the listener is likely to press "next.

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So you've recorded your demo - now what? If it is your dream to be on a music video please contact us via whatsapp on See picture for the song title. The services which will be on offer to successful artists in Los Angeles include music production, photography and artist branding, music video production, touring and promotion. By tealee Started December 9, King, Ike Turner all recorded in this studio. But of course he decided. McGuiness, according to one report, says he posted the video on Vimeo, in , as an audition for Wicked Summer, a Jersey Shore-like reality show that had been filming in the Boston and Cape Cod.

Pick the songs that grab people on the first listen, from the first note. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our.

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Music Careers Being a Musician. By Heather McDonald. Are unsolicited demos accepted? Acceptable demo formats CD, mp3 clips, thumb drives, etc. Follow up rules - OK to call?

Saturday, October 26 • Free Admission • 12–4pm

OK to email? A short demo. Go for two to three of your best songs. Anything longer won't get listened to. Your demo should be clearly labeled with your name and email address NOT your number - you're more likely to get a response via email. SHORT band bio. No need to go for "My parents have known since birth I would be a musician Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. Do Your Research. Learn Demo Policies. Euphonic - German based micro independent record label featuring high quality trance, house and ambient music.

Local Talk is a record label based on the love of one common factor, house music! As Nhoin - another one of his aliases - he has released stuff on our friend label Enough Records , but this time, as he puts on the Motown Junkie outfit, we will be. The track sequel was released on the record label on March 13, Please call or e-mail first.

The Robot Needs Home Collective. ITP, while a media partner for most labels,does not write for nor work for record labels and is independent of record labels. Checking the discography. Serein is a record label based in Wales, the UK. Pittsburgh is home to several record labels ranging from the multi Grammy winning MCG Jazz, to the chart top Rostrum Label, to blues labels, and several garage rock and punk labels.


We are looking for artists and producers who want to dedicate themselves professionally to the music business, and demonstrate it with passion, emotion, dedication and perseverance. Joining the Brooklyn-based label 12 Apostles in , they were back in the recording studio with long-standing collaborators producer Danton Supple and bassist Gareth Huw Davies. Robot Needs Home is a collective of bands who work together. Ready to submit your music to a label?

Find out how to get noticed by labels and learn how to tell which labels are accepting demos. Since Unsigned Only launched seven years ago, five Grand Prize winners have been signed to record deals, making Unsigned Only a leading source for transitioning new talent into major label record deals. Will accept quality submissions anytime. Willst du das deine Daten nicht gespeichert werden, dann sende uns dein Demo via Mail an info khb-music.

You can find out more about Atlantic Records by visiting Our Label. Artists should leverage all available resources to locate the right indie record labels that accept demos for their music genre.

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We get your music heard by industry influencers including global DJs, bloggers, record labels, radio stations, music supervisors, and playlist curators. We are based in Vancouver, Canada. MusicSocket's database of Record Labels includes the details of record companies, with 23 new or updated listings in the last month.

Webbed Hand netlabel releases are shared under Creative Commons licenses. Indie record labels artists need to submit to online message boards, music blogs and social networks, forging strong relationships with influential players in their niche. An independent record label releasing thoughtfully curated music and art inspired by the natural world. Everywhere we look there are more labels, helping spawn a scene of electronic music. Here at Music Without Labels we do our best at providing you with some of the top independent music worldwide, which is why I've decide to show some love and promote the main industry that helps manage these artists' insanely busy music schedules; Independent Record Labels!

Now this list is in. Neon Mouse Records. Discover record labels which are releasing Trance music. SEUM Records. Thank you for your interest in submitting a demo to East Pole Records. If you feel your music is ready for the next level then you may want to send your music demo to Atlantic Records Submissions for review and consideration. Also for: 42ld, 37ld, 47ld, 47ld, 22ld, 32ld, 42ld When we have examined your submission, you will receive an e-mail with a login and password to download "So You Think You Want A Record Deal" and "The Complete Record Label Database" unless you pay by credit card, in which case you will receive this info within 24 hours.

Once a month or so my boss, I, and a couple other volunteers would gather around the tape deck this was the low-tech mid-'90s, of course, when a majority of demos were on cassette and begin the complicated process of.

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The label is aimed at delivering a new breed of Deep House producers who are capable of fusing global sounds together to produce their own unique sound and still maintain the soul and origins of Deep House. Anyway, if 'Dance Music' is 'your' music , then you've come to the right place. With CD reviews, secure shopping and free MP3s. Should we select you for front page showcasing, we will contact you. The best way to get your stuff over is via our Demo Box widget.

Vinyl records will last A LOT longer than a couple plays. Owned and run by Matthew Kone, Luis Blanco and Maria Paredes, the record company is difficult to define in terms of style and genres. Electronic dance music. Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. We are a multicultural record label with artists from different parts of the world.

Original artwork. You can give feedback to the label and the artists we are promoting. If I had to pick one record label, it would be them.